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20 + Simple and Best Website Designs 2012

Well, now we are going to see some interesting examples of “20 + Simple and Best Website Designs 2012”. When it comes to Website designs, Simple does not at all mean simplicity, while it just refers to the design that looks clean and clear without any need of a lot more elements additionally. The focus is set to be on what is important only. Since the world is much complicated as there are much competitions, let us be different by making our own website simply unique. Simple isn’t boring either, it makes good sense and is wonderful because there are no complications.

Making your website to be simple is the best and the most effective way to convey your information to the visitors. It also helps your users to benefit from Easy navigation, Faster loading time etc. This will give a pleasant user-experience for your visitors and they will thoroughly enjoy the overall website usage. Here are few samples of such Simple yet Graceful Web designs to get some inspiration and help you grasp some interesting ideas towards simple web designs.

1. Forever Heavy

Forever Heavy

2. 37 Signals

37 Signals

3. Stiff Rowland’s

Stiff Rowland's

4. Hyperakt


5. Luxus


6. Bydel aker brygge

Bydel aker brygge

7. Hocus Focus

Hocus Focus

8. Elegant Seagulls

Elegant Seagulls

9. Drupal works

Drupal works

10. Vnsaga


11. Colly


12. Kilian Muster

Kilian Muster

13. 31 Three

31 Three

14. Decorated Playlists

Decorated Playlists

15. Kt gardens

Kt gardens

16. Infin vision

Infin vision

17. 3 Degrees Design Agency

3 Degrees Design Agency

18. 8 Faces

8 Faces

19. 247 Grad

47 Grad

20. Studio Pixel

Studio Pixel

21. Florida After seven

After seven Florida

22. Reset studio

Reset studio

23. James Charlick

24. Berit Somme

Berit Somme

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