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Santa Claus HD Wallpapers for Free Download

Hope you have really enjoyed all our special sharing at this Christmas festival season. As we already brought you some HD wallpapers for Christmas in general, here we would like to share you some cool desktop wallpapers of Santa Claus in High definition.

Yeah, here in this collection, we have included some high quality free Santa Claus wallpapers, which might be something special and interested for Kids. Father Christmas (how Santa Claus is called actually) is the favorite symbol of Christmas and very closer to the Kids, as it is hopeful that he makes a list of all the children’s good needs, and then visit their homes for delivering the presents as well.

Get him to your home now immediately by picking one of these following Santa Claus HD wallpapers. These free Santa HD wallpapers will make your desktop backgrounds much funnier, and help you get into the spirit of Christmas joy as well. Just grab this collection of Free Santa Claus HD Wallpapers as our gift for this Christmas!

1. Santa Claus Family

Santa Claus Family wallpaper

2. Santa and the Bank Robbery

santa and the bank robbery

3. Santa Claus Pirate

santa claus pirate Wallpaper

4. Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas Wallpaper

5. Santa Claus Reindeer

Santa Claus Reindeer

6. Jolly Santa Claus

Jolly Santa Claus

7. Santa Claus Arrived

Santa Claus Arrived Wallpaper

8. Santa Claus and Nature

Santa Claus and Nature Wallpaper

9. Wallpaper Freebie for December 2012

wallpaper freebie for december 2012

10. Meeting with Santa

Meeting with Santa

11. Santa Claus

Santa Claus

12. Christmas Reindeer Rudolph

Christmas Reindeer Rudolph

13. Snowman and Santa Claus

Snowman and Santa Claus

14. Santa Claus Presents Tree Planet Snowflakes

santa claus presents tree planet snowflakes

15. Santa needs a GPS

santa needs a gps

16. Santa Claus Wallpaper HD 2

santa claus wallpaper hd 2

17. Santa Claus Art

Santa Claus Art Wallpaper

18. Santa and Xmas Gifts

Santa and Xmas Gifts Wallpaper

19. The Real Santa Claus Wallpaper

The Real Santa Claus Wallpaper

20. Santa Claus is Coming

Santa Claus is Coming Wallpaper

21. Holiday Lantern Rabbit Santa Santa Claus Squirrel Trees Winter

Holiday Lantern Rabbit Santa santa claus squirrel trees winter

22. Santa Claus in a Wagon

Santa Claus in a Wagon

23. Vintage Santa

Vintage Santa

24. Santa Reading Xmas Note

santa reading xmas note Wallpaper

25. Santa Claus Wallpaper HD

santa claus wallpaper hd

26. The Great Santa Claus

The Great Santa Claus

27. Santa Claus and Friends

santa claus and friends

28. Santa Claus Animated Wallpaper

santa claus animated wallpaper

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