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We, at iamdesigning have designed an Ecommerce Website for a company named GJAFABREF, and the client is Frosti Heimisson. This professional website provides cutting edge solutions to its clients in a trendy and user friendly manner where the navigational aspect of the site is super cool!! The coding standards of the site have been followed as per WP E-Commerce Certificate policy.

Generally, red is known as a color of attraction! This site is royally designed in red color along with a mixture of white in it. It looks appealing and beautiful. Also the elements of the site are arranged in a neat and sensible manner that makes the appearance of the site very posh and also contributes towards a better performance!

Are you willing to get your site designed in a similar way?! Then, with no hesitation, contact iamdesigning for all your web design, re-design and customization needs!!

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