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We have designed an Bigcommerce driven E-commerce website for a company named Mineral Tiles, with much innovation, creativity, technical skills and currently recognized web standards, all put together to represent it on the web. The way this site has been designed is classic. The features of the site are clearly visible; the home page is very neatly organized and designed to contain all the features a successfully performing online store would have. Indeed it is performing very successful as well.

Much concern was taken to choose the color scheme, placement of buttons, the moving image on top of the home page and also the easy page to page navigation feature. We worked in a sincere and dedicated fashion to bring out maximum benefits to the site out of designing!!

The Mineral Tiles is a web based retail organization, whose motive is to trade with you the best tiles and products made in glass, stainless steel, metal, natural stone, porcelain, and standard ceramic. We, at iamdesigning, understood the requirements and essentials of this client and thus took certain care to do as much as we can to make the best Bigcommerce website design possible!

The coding standards of the website have been followed as per Bigcommerce Certificate policy.

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