Shopify Development

Shopify is a powerful ecommerce solution, helps you launch your business online easily. Along with the inclusive set of features from Shopify, we help you start selling your products online, by setting up your own storefront instantly. We can also give you some guidance for managing your Shopify web-store successfully.

Shopify eCommerce store solution

Shopify is one of the most powerful eCommerce solutions helps you launch your business online easily by setting up your storefront instantly. Sell your products online by creating your own web-store today with Shopify.

Shopify is an easy to use, fully customizable online store builder, which runs about 30,000+ stores currently.  It offers you a complete ecommerce solution with all the features you need to run your online business successfully.

The inclusive set of features like secure shopping cart, reliable ecommerce hosting, content management, mobile Commerce, order tracking, SEO & marketing, makes it more popular among the people.

Why we are using Shopify?

Shopify is the best solution to create an easy to use and fully customizable online store. It is a complete ecommerce solution gives us a wide flexibility to make beautiful online stores for our clienteles. It is simply quick, cost effective and we should suggest Shopify to most of our clients for its ease of use.

What we are doing actually?

We have been working with Shopify for a few years now. We are delivering high quality ecommerce stores in Shopify. We really enjoy helping others to get their own custom Shopify stores up and running in a very little time. We help you give your store, the look and feel you are actually looking for.

We are pretty experienced with Shopify, and we normally providing the services for Shopify like the following,

  • Shopify Theme Design & Development
  • Shopify Theme Customization
  • Shopify Theme Integration
  • Shopify store-front design
  • PSD to Shopify
  • HTML to Shopify
  • Shopify site Maintenance
  • Shopify Website redesign
  • Shopify store design tweaks
  • Store Migration (From Shopify or To Shopify)
  • Export and Import products
  • Third Party App Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Generally, a Shopify store will consists of the following pages or templates primarily,

  1. Index / Home page and static pages (like about us, services, FAQ etc...)
    • Banners and slideshow
    • Featured product / collection / page links
    • Recent blogs or News feature with excerpts
    • Email marketing and social media integration
  2. Collection pages
    • Advanced Sorting or filtering methods
    • Pagination and Scrolling options
  3. Product detail pages
    • Product image zooming and switching
    • Social sharing options
    • Related products, Product Reviews and etc.

Our flow of process:

In the beginning, you will be required to have some kind of user-specific document (like a rough mockup or a wire-frame layout with design detail) to get a clear vision on final deliverables.

If you have an existing business standard and any specific ideas in mind, it would be easier enough for us to build a custom Shopify store for you with your requirements. Or if you don’t have any specifics on how to make your store and what it needs to look like, then we can provide some of our preferring or sample ideas to make you complete on getting your brand specific ideas or standards.

After getting detailed specifics on the above pages & templates, we will start designing the master pages of your storefront and will do customizations (if needed) to make it suit for your niche. Once the design gets confirmed, then we will convert the design into HTML. Finally, if you are satisfied with that HTML version means, then we start integrating them into Shopify and will finish off the shopping cart and payment gateways integration too. Now the store will be ready to use online. By assigning a specific cost or value to your products, you will start selling your products online immediately.

Hereafter, if you need any extra beneficial options like integrating third-party applications, Shopify apps / extensions, user accounts, email templates and including SEO options (user specific meta-tags), we then work on these tasks as part of website maintenance.

Shopify Development